"For me, painting is an exploration and passion; it's a necessity.   I sell my work in order to continue to explore and follow my passion; I donít paint in order to sell."

----Donald Archer

A 'picture'.....or a painting?

I should first say that I don't paint 'pictures.'   A 'picture' is simply an image of something---as if you were looking through an invisible window: you only notice the subject, not the physicality of the painting itself.    Also, a 'picture' often tells a story, or is a portrait of something---whether a person, a landscape, a unicorn, or what have you.

What I create, rather, are 'paintings'---not stories or portraits.    In a painting, the abstract qualities (underlying structure, composition, color, shape, line, rhythm, energy, the process of painting itself, etc.) are a major aspect of the work---like works of music, architecture or dance.

I want my creations to have, above all, a physical presence and energy.   As a result, the paintings are much more powerful and impressive 'in person' than they are as images on the internet, or illustrations in a book.   

The 'meaning' is primarily conveyed in the painting itself, in the act of painting---in the joy of creation---not simply through a subject.   Rather than simply being ends in themselves, my paintings are contrails, a palimpsest of where I've been and a glimpse of where I am going.


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